Sunday, August 14, 2011

The La Mott Community Garden Website!

I was asked to help create another website this time for the La Mott Community Garden Group.

The La Mott Community Garden Group has a community garden in the village of LaMott which is located in Cheltenham Township right next to Philadelphia.

The La Mott Community Garden Group consists of residents and other gardeners who have gardening plots on land that is currently owned by Temple University.

Unfortunately it looks as though the garden may be in trouble because since the land is owned by Temple University it is essentially their land. That land and the property that used to be Temple's Tyler School of Art is currently for sale which means that whoever they sell to would then own the land that the community garden is on.

Being a resident of LaMott, I have had a chance to attend the community meetings and at the last meeting in June, the residents were informed that there was currently no buyer for the Temple property so the fate of the garden is really not known at this time.

So if you would like to add your support for this most-worthy group, please be sure to visit their website. I have provided a link to their website below:

The La Mott Community Garden Website