Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Snowell Consulting Inc

Here is one of my clients!

Snowell Consulting Inc.

This is a business that one of my neighbors has and I will tell you how it came about.

Since Jeffrey Snowell is a neighbor of mine we used to meet a lot at our local library in LaMott. We both use the computers there as well as do the basic library things like check out the latest books and videos that our library has to offer.

Since LaMott is such a smaller community we try to utilize our local library as much as possible.

I showed Mr. Snowell my blog and he was very impressed with it and that is when he hired me to help create his own company's blog and you can take a look at it by clicking here.

After I helped to create his company's blog he then hired me again to create the website Snowell Consulting Inc Training Manuals.

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  1. Please bear in mind that I created and Designed The Snowell Consulting Inc Training Manuals Site.

    There seems to be some confusion as far as The Snowell Consulting Blog is concerned.

    If you read my blog post it will say that I help design the website. As far as their blog is concerned I helped the client start their blog. I didn't design their blog design because the client liked the template that was provided.


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