Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Is Search Engine Optimization AND Do You Need It If You Have A Website?

What is search engine optimization and is it something that you should have for your website?

Search engine optimization simply means that when people do a search on the search engines for information that is related to the content on your website - you want your website to show up in their search engine results - and the higher your page appears in the search engine results the better!

To give you a simple explanation, say that you have a website where you sell flowers. So when someone does a websearch for "flowers" then you want your site to show up in their search engine results so hopefully they will click on your link and visit your site (and hopefully buy flowers from your site).

Unfortunately it's a little bit more complicated than that. I'm sure that if you do a search for "flowers" you would get millions of linKs. But even so it is still a great example to show to help illustrate about what it means to be able to get a high search engine ranking.

So if you have a website of your own then optimizing your site for the search engines is very important and will benefit you (and your business) very much!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The La Mott Community Garden Website!

I was asked to help create another website this time for the La Mott Community Garden Group.

The La Mott Community Garden Group has a community garden in the village of LaMott which is located in Cheltenham Township right next to Philadelphia.

The La Mott Community Garden Group consists of residents and other gardeners who have gardening plots on land that is currently owned by Temple University.

Unfortunately it looks as though the garden may be in trouble because since the land is owned by Temple University it is essentially their land. That land and the property that used to be Temple's Tyler School of Art is currently for sale which means that whoever they sell to would then own the land that the community garden is on.

Being a resident of LaMott, I have had a chance to attend the community meetings and at the last meeting in June, the residents were informed that there was currently no buyer for the Temple property so the fate of the garden is really not known at this time.

So if you would like to add your support for this most-worthy group, please be sure to visit their website. I have provided a link to their website below:

The La Mott Community Garden Website

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Should You Have A Website?

Should you have a website?

If you have a business or work from home then YES you should have a website of some kind!

The most obvious reason why is because when you have a website on the Internet it can be seen 24 hours a day and seven days a week - including holidays as well! That means that you have more potential website visitors because your website presence can be seen at any time. And if you are running a business then the more website visitors that you get the more potential clients and customers that you will get!

Your business can be small (just a one-man operation - meaning just you) or it can be a large corporation. I'm sure that you have seen all of the big businesses that have a web presence. That is because they know why it is so important to have a web presence!

If the thought of having a website intimidates you then it really shouldn't. All you are doing is growing the reach of your business by letting a broader number of people be able to access your website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - including holidays! Wouldn't it be great for your business if more people knew about it?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

There Are So Many Things That You Can Add To Your Website Or Blog!

Here is just a short little video that I made as a test.
There are just so many things that one can add to their website or blog that it is just amazing.

This is a short video that I created using one of the programs that came with my computer.  It is a small compsoite of the area where I live which is called LaMott which is located just outside of Philadelphia in Cheltenham Township which is located in Montgomery County

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do You Have A Web Presence?

It may be hard to believe but not every business or individual has a website or blog.

As the internet starts to become more and more popular having a web presence is going to be very important - especially if you have a business.

Even if you are thinking about starting a business of your own it is very important that you start to have some sort of web presence.

It's been awhile since I have designed a client's site but now that I have the opportunity to have a new client I have to get back in the game as far as my web presence is concerned.

Of course I do have both a website and blog for my grant research but now that I am back at designing sites it is important to have a site specifically for my webpage designing.

One of the good things about having this type of blog is that I can also create a website within this blog so that I don't have to go through registering a domain name or paying for additional space. (Though some may perfer to have their own domain name and that is cool too!)

The internet is growing so big and so huge - who knows where it will lead...................

Snowell Consulting Inc

Here is one of my clients!

Snowell Consulting Inc.

This is a business that one of my neighbors has and I will tell you how it came about.

Since Jeffrey Snowell is a neighbor of mine we used to meet a lot at our local library in LaMott. We both use the computers there as well as do the basic library things like check out the latest books and videos that our library has to offer.

Since LaMott is such a smaller community we try to utilize our local library as much as possible.

I showed Mr. Snowell my blog and he was very impressed with it and that is when he hired me to help create his own company's blog and you can take a look at it by clicking here.

After I helped to create his company's blog he then hired me again to create the website Snowell Consulting Inc Training Manuals.

Welcome To My Latest Blog!

Back a long time ago I worked a lot of jobs in my life! I have done a lot of different things! One of the jobs that I did have that I enjoyed was when I was a DJ at different radio stations around my area. As much as I enjoyed getting paid for playing music there were other aspects of the job that I hated. I hated the travelling time and I hated the fact that I didn't get paid a lot of money - but I did enjoy working at the various radio stations.

When the "computer age" came around and I got my very first computer I was definitely interested in it. I used to be on my computer for hours doing this and that. Then the Internet became popular and easily accessible and I began to go online. After a while I decided to make my own website and I learned how to make it from scratch.

Skipping ahead a few years I remember I was at a neighbor's house and he showed me his website. He had had his professionally made. So I decided to show him my website and he asked me who designed my website. When I told him that I designed my own website he was quite impressed! He was so impressed that he wanted me to design his family's website. I was totally shocked!

I designed his family's website and he actually paid me for doing it! That was when I became absolutely hooked on

working from home! I couldn't believe that someone actually paid me to design a website! But they did and that is how I got started!

It has been a while since I designed that first website for someone else. As webpage designing became more and more popular I decided to go into other things as well.

One of my main jobs is that I do grant research. That is about looking into and finding
government grant programs for clients. If you ever heard the term "
free money" then you may have a very good idea about what some grant programs are all about. You can find out more by visiting my blog, Grant Basics 101. I am also a Dream Job Consultant as well and that is about helping people work at their dream job(s).